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The Board Members of the Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees are former Delta employees.  We are happy to answer your questions, and appreciate your feedback.  Let us know what we can do to help.

I began my career at Delta Air Lines in June 1979 as an aircraft maintenance technician, working in both the hangar and line maintenance operations. This included supervisory and international station relief positions. I was part of the implementation teams for two new aircraft programs and then transferred to the Technical Training organization. 

I held instructor positions for the B767 and B737 airplanes and transitioned to Manager where I was responsibility for the B757, B737, MD88/90, and Principals of Troubleshooting programs. 

After retiring from Delta in 2005, I began a career with The Boeing Company as the Technical Principal for ETOPS (Extended Operations) relative to maintenance and engineering operational support. I retired from Boeing in 2015. 

I graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a B.S. in professional aeronautics and a minor in safety and management.

I joined Delta Air Lines in April 1966 at MSY Line Maintenance. After transferring to SHV line maintenance I served as a B727 Avionics Instructor, I transferred to Atlanta in 1987. There, I served as a TechOps Training Instructor and supported TechOps as a Training Manager for the B727, 737 and 757 fleets for many years. I retired in 2005 as the TechOps Business Information Security Officer.

My other volunteer work includes serving as a tax counselor for AARP’s free tax preparation service from February to April each year.

After graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, I went to work for Delta Air Lines as a line maintenance mechanic at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), working up to a Lead position. After 12 years in New York, I transferred to Orlando, Florida and worked as a Line Mechanic, Lead Mechanic, Shift Manager, and Station Maintenance Manager.

I have been married to my wife Judi, a former Delta flight attendant, for 49 years and counting, and we live in Orange Park, Florida.

Over the course of my 37-year career with Delta, I completed two stints in Frankfurt, Germany, where I opened Delta’s Maintenance Station, and I served as a representative from the maintenance department during the formation of Delta Express.

I joined the Board after 23 years with Delta/Northwest. My career started in reservations at the Iron Range Reservations Center in Minnesota, where I was involved in the training department, work environment committee, spirit committee, relay for life, health, and safety team, RUAware, and Hiring.

I held a key position on the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) committee and Passenger Inquiry Center (PIC) for Reservations, creating online training materials and redesigning an activation plan in the event of an aircraft incident.

I have been married for more than 45 years. In addition to being a mother of three, I have been a foster parent to more than 90 children. I am also a partner with Hands at Work in Africa.

I believe in the Delta family, and I want to be instrumental in providing cost-effective, quality care for our group of employees during our retirement years.

I began “Stewardess” training with Delta Air Lines on January 31, 1972. After graduation, I was based out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. In 1975, I transferred to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and spent the rest of my 29- plus year career living in Rockwall, Texas and working at DFW. I flew a total of 23 years as a line flight attendant/onboard leader. During my last seven years, I served as an Operational Supervisor.

During that time, I co-founded the Aircraft Expert Program, which gave Delta’s In- Flight Service employees a voice at the table alongside pilots, engineers, and tech ops to make decisions directly affecting our onboard work environment. I am also one of the proud, first members of the Amigo Program, an assignment at the General Office shadowing and being mentored by various levels of management.

I retired in 2001 and served as an escrow officer for Pulte Homes for seven years. During this time, I obtained my Arizona Real Estate license which I actively held until the end of 2022. Concurrently I served in several positions on the Board of a 500+ member women’s organization at Anthem County Club.

I recently made The Villages, Florida my new home, moving on January 1, 2024. I am looking forward to becoming involved in the many activities afforded to residents here.

I am a graduate of Arizona State University where I earned a B.S. degree in business. I look forward to continuing to serve my fellow Delta retirees on the Insurance Trust’s Board of Directors.

I joined Delta Air Lines’ In-Flight Service department where I started as a flight attendant. Subsequently, I worked in the training department in several roles and as a member of the Delta Task Team as a consultant to Korean Airlines. During my tenure, I managed the New Flight Attendant Experience, which included hiring, training and retention. I also worked to create third-party training and outsourcing opportunities through Delta’s Strategic Planning Initiative.

As Delta expanded, I worked with the SkyTeam Alliance and Code Share Marketing partners to create guidelines and requirements and ensure compliance.

Since retiring from Delta, I joined The Boeing Company, and I currently work commercial airplane sales as Flight Operations Sales Director, where I support the Asia region.

Previously, I was served as Commercial Airplane Sales Program Manager for the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia, and supported airplane, customer commitments, strategy, and sales for our Middle East airline customers.

In addition, I held several roles in training and pilot services, including Sales Manager for Flight Services for Japan and India. I also led sales activities and entry into service commitments for the 787 and 747-8 and was responsible for leading a global team of Customer Account Managers.

I began my career with Delta Air Lines as a flight attendant in Chicago on June 27, 1977 after graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in marine biology. I retired from Delta on December 1, 2018.

When we began our initial service to Asia out of Portland, Oregon, I was one of the original flight attendants that opened our Portland base. In 1986, after we merged with Western Air Lines, I went back to Seattle.

In 1998, I became an in-flight supervisor with a team of 200 flight attendants. I remained in this position until after 9/11. When our base in Seattle closed, I returned to the line as a flight attendant and commuted to Atlanta for almost six years. I enjoyed flying International and became a purser.

Over the years I was involved in many projects with Delta as a flight attendant. These projects included: EIG Policy and Procedure Team Lead, Fly Together Mentor (for WAL and PMNW FAs), Together in Style Team Lead, Purser Interview Team, Peer Support Representative, Business Elite Harmonization, Int’l Y/C Service changes, M2 program for DAL, PMNW and SkyWest FAs, CRP Project Team Core Member, CRP Panelist, Domestic/International Hotel site inspections, CRF/MAC charters, Scheduling Representative and Safety Committee, and the New Hire flying mentor program.

In 2013, I interviewed for a field service manager position in Los Angeles and was offered the position. We moved from Seattle to Redondo Beach. In 2015, I interviewed for the base manager position and gladly accepted my new responsibilities. I enjoyed supporting my flight attendants and co-workers for nearly 42 years.

Charities that I have been involved with and supported over the years include; BCRF, Relay for Life (SEA/MSP), Santa Express, Holiday in the Hangar, Habitat for Humanity, KaBoom, AIDs Walk, LA Pride, Japan Relief Fund, Junior Achievement, LAX Food Bank, LAX USO, and Children’s Hospital.

I married my husband, Bob, in September 1986. Since retiring a few months ago, I have joined our HOA board and am looking forward to further supporting my community.

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