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Medicare Advantage Plans

The Insurance Trust offers three Medicare Advantage plan options to meet the needs of our Members:  Standard, Enhanced, and the Enhanced Plus plan.  Insured by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your healthcare is covered by one of the largest, most established health insurers in the nation. 

These are PPO plans, with no network restrictions, so you have the freedom to see any provider who accepts Medicare and the plan, and you don’t need referrals. Each plan includes prescription drug coverage.

Three plan options:

Plan  Annual DeductibleAnnual Out of Pocket MaximumPayment for Most Services
Enhanced PlusNone$1,50010% Coinsurance

With all Insurance Trust Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • Medicare Part A, Part B, and additional benefits all managed by Anthem
  • Use any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare and the plan
  • Same coverage in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico
  • Premiums that don’t increase based on age
  • $0 cost for preventive care and annual wellness visits
  • Foreign travel emergency care coverage
  • SilverSneakers Fitness Membership
  • Telehealth visits with $0 out of pocket cost

Enrollment in the Trust’s Prescription Drug Plan is automatic when selecting a Medical plan, however they are separate plans with separate deductibles and out of pocket costs.

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