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Designating a Personal Healthcare Representative

Many Members choose to designate an individual the right to access (view and discuss) their healthcare and benefits information.  This can be whomever you choose – a spouse, a child, a trusted friend or helper. 

Due to the legal requirements surrounding confidentiality, each of your insurance plans – medical, prescription drug, dental and/or vision must be handled separately.  Call them to discuss next steps.  Find links HERE.

Healthcare Power of Attorney (Health Care Proxy)

You may also consider assigning Healthcare Power of Attorney (Proxy).  This is the legal way to name someone you trust to speak to your health care providers and to make health care decisions for you when you cannot make decisions for yourself.  

This differs from assigning Financial Power of Attorney, which empowers the trusted party to make financial decisions for you and does not usually give the person the right to make decisions about healthcare. 

Personal Healthcare Representative

Want to talk about it?  Call a Personal Health Advocate at (877) 325-7265, Option 2.