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Additional Benefits

Find assistance with our Member Assistance Program, Travel Assistance Services, Online Will and Trust Planning, Legal and Financial Advice, Care Referral Resources Facilities and Agencies, Dealing with Depression, Funereal Concierge, and Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring Services.

Member Assistance Program for Trust Medical Plan Members – Make Life Better

Your Anthem plan gives you 24/7 toll-free telephone access to special services such as these listed below, and much more, AT NO COST TO YOU

To access them :

Visit: AnthemEAP.com, Login: ITDR   

View many topics including those below, or to search for everything from Petsitting to Grandparenting tips!

Call: (833) 839-7920, for free 24/7 access to licensed mental health professionals for consultation, information, assistance and resources for a variety of concerns.

2024 Insurance Trust Medical Plan participation includes two distinct benefits, both administered by Global® Core:

Foreign Emergency Travel:
– like Medicare, the Trust Plan does not cover people living outside the U.S., however the Trust’s Medical Plans provide foreign travel emergency care for U.S. residents for the first 6 months of travel outside of the US, 
– Lifetime Maximum benefit is $100,000. 
– Intake and assistance provided by Global Core, insured by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Travel Assistance:
– Evacuation/repatriation 
– $250,00 maximum benefit
– Effective 1/1/2024 – intake and assistance provided by Global Core, insured by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
(prior to 2024 – benefit provided by Generali Global)

This coverage applies to all ITDR Medical Plan members, regardless of what plan option they choose. Read More

Access these great benefits using the contact information on your Anthem Medical Plan ID card.

Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield Global® Core:
Visit www.bcbsglobalcore.com
1.800.810.BLUE (2583) / 1.877.547.2903
Or collect at 1.804.673.1177.

Download Quicken’s WillMaker & Trust for free, whether you’re just getting started, or you want to update your previous arrangements.

Visit: AnthemEAP.com , Login: ITDR

Click on:  FINANCIAL AND LEGAL ASSISTANCE (Read more) to access the tools and coupon code

If you ever need legal or financial assistance, our nationwide network of attorneys and consultants are there for you. We’ll put you in touch with the right professional who can help you with estate planning, wills and trusts, budgeting, foreclosure prevention, and more. Financial consultations by phone are free and members receive one free legal consult per issue per year. Discounts are also available for ongoing legal services.

Legal Services: EAP provides consultations with a legal professional. You can call EAP and request one 30 minute in-person or telephonic consultation, per separate issue, with a network attorney at no cost to you. If you choose to continue working with the attorney, continued services are offered at a discounted rate from the attorney’s usual hourly rate. Examples of services include:

  • Divorce/custody
  • Criminal concerns
  • Civil issues
  • Estate planning
  • Consumer issues

Legal issues involving employer and health insurance situations are not covered by this service.

Financial Services: EAP offers telephone consultations for you and eligible family members with a financial professional. Telephone consultations are typically 30-60 minutes in length, per separate issue. Examples of consultations include:

  • Debt and credit management
  • Saving for education and retirement
  • Life event planning such as buying a home

Visit: AnthemEAP.com , Login: ITDR   and view “Legal/Financial” for additional details, or

Call: (833) 839-7920, 24/7

Get in touch with services that can add to the quality of your life with referrals to a variety of organizations. We’ll connect you to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, home health agencies, community resources, and Meals on Wheels programs.

Call:   (833) 839-7920, 24/7 to speak with a Counselor for assistance

Visit: AnthemEAP.com , Login: ITDR   and view “Older Adult Services

By Phone:  Counselors at the Anthem EAP are available to you and those you care about 24/7.  If you or someone you are concerned about are depressed, anxious or feeling overwhelmed.

Call to speak with a counselor: (833) 839-7920

Face – to – Face Counseling Visits: EAP provides you and eligible family members with access to professional mental health providers near you to assist with many concerns. Please call EAP at (833) 839-7920 and our consultants will assist you and family members with accessing services.

When it comes to planning a funeral we know this is one of life’s most challenging chapters. You can call us 24/7 for information and guidance.

The funeral concierge service provides research and referrals to funeral homes and funeral services.

You can also get access to forms to help make decisions easier, as well as legal and financial consultations to help with long-term planning. Information on community resources such as support groups is also available.

Our concierge service is dedicated to ensuring you get all the support you need during this difficult time.

Visit: AnthemEAP.com , Login: ITDR   and view “Funeral Concierge” for information and tools

Call:   (833) 839-7920, 24/7 to speak with a Counselor for assistance

Quickly recover from identity theft, and learn how to prevent it in the future, through IDnotify , a part of Experian.

Services include proactive fraud alerts, online credit monitoring, educational tools, and professional consultation.

Visit: AnthemEAP.com , Login: ITDR   and view “ID Monitoring” for information and tools