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Here is some recent feedback we’ve received from Members like you. Love your ITDR plans and want to share your thoughts? Go to our online testimonial form and let us know what you think!

Video Testimonial from Paul Talbott

Testimonials from ITDR Members

Very pleased!

Very pleased with the coverage!!


Todd is amazing!
Claudia, Minnesota

So Easy!

My favorite aspect of ITDR is that it is EASY.  I never have an issue with coverage, I don’t have to think about it.
Juliette, Illinois

By Delta!

I like that it is created by Delta retirees for retirees.  I like the coverage for supplemental insurance and dental insurance with different plans available.
Emery, Kentucky

Highly Recommend!

I highly recommend ITDR for supplemental insurance! One of the main advantages is that you are part of a group and not and individual policy holder. If you research this it’s a big deal to be part of a group.
Kay, Washington

Five Stars!

ITDR is my supplemental insurance of choice for several reasons, the first being TRUST.  I trusted Delta Air Lines for 30 years and I now trust the retired employees of Delta to have similar values for continued security and well being.  After that, it is all about value, options, and customer service.  Five Stars.
Linda, California

A No Brainer!

My husband retired from Delta 17 years ago and has had a great experience through the years with ITDR Insurance. When I took the retirement package in August 2020 after 47 years with Delta as a flight attendant, it was a no brainer to go with ITDR. Their medical, dental and eye insurance with Blue Cross, Blue Shield is exactly what I wanted.
Deborah, Illinois


I had it with 3 year spouse illness and multiple hospitalizations.  We were both Medicare primary age.  Delta Plan was superb all aspects.  Understand what is not covered…..great plan and helpful people in long term illness.
Jim “Pappy”, Texas

Great Options!

The various options available for Delta Retirees!  Always great info to make correct choices for us!!
Linda, California


Knew I would have my retirement check, but my ITDR coverage has been unbelievable and without question in 19 years.
Chick, Tennessee

Very Happy!

I have had the Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees for over 13 years as I was one of the first to adopt it as my Medicare Supplemental Insurance.  Over the years, I have been very happy with my choice.  I have found that the volunteers who run the Trust have always selected the strongest and most economical carrier each year.   I appreciate the fact that many different plans have been available to better fit my needs.  Each year, I do comparative shopping with other plans and have always found that ITDR was the best option for me.  We have had an added benefit with Health advocates to assist us with any problems as well as the people at Mercer who are there to help us.
John, Massachusetts

Completely Satisfied!

After retiring in 2003 and then turning 65 in 2015, I needed a supplemental insurance policy.  I turned to ITDR after hearing a lot of recommendations for its services.  I have been completely satisfied with the services offered by them.  I have had a few falls that required surgeries.  All of the bills were handled expeditiously by ITDR and there were no surprises.  I am completely satisfied with their services
Renee, Georgia

Thank You!

WOW. Did you strike gold when you brought Todd on board…. I feel that you hired him to deal with people EXACTLY like ME!!!

I was the uninformed, reluctant, forgetful, too-busy-to-care retiree that needed their personal Todd to help them understand precisely what was at stake and to REMIND ME, regularly, gently and persistently that I really did need to address this little thing called insurance…so THANK YOU for recognizing that he really DOES fill an important void and that people like me really DO need a guy like Todd to help us wade through this Life After Delta, where we were coddled and cared for for our entire careers, which for me, equalled an entire lifetime.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have had such a fabulous career and how fortunate I feel to have been a part of the Delta Family for my entire adulthood and NOW, to realize that even in the AfterLife, Delta is STILL there to meet my needs. 

So all this is to say Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU.
Barbara, Georgia

So Very Pleased!

I retired in 2019 and realized that the Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees was the best out there. So very pleased to have their supplemental policy! Had worked for Delta and predecessor airlines going back to Airwest at the Grand Canyon in 1969 … then LAS … then finally DTW.
Diana, Michigan