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Making Medicare Easy

Group Benefits you will not find anywhere else.

Ready to hit the “easy” button? 

At Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees (ITDR) we are committed to making Medicare easyDon’t worry about finding a new doctor, the hassle of shopping plans every year, or network restrictions. 

With an ITDR Medicare Advantage or Supplemental Plan, you have options with low or no copays or out of pocket costs, including a $0 Premium Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan! 

Our five medical and prescription drug plan options provided by Anthem BC/BS each include the same prescription drug plan. You simply pick one that fits your needs. You have the ability to change plan options each year. No proof of health required. No explaining what state you live in. No trying to sort through lists of plans in your area. 

The Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees was created exclusively as a non-profit to provide insurance products and services to all former employees (regardless of length of service), and their spouses, survivors, and former spouses of Delta Air Lines, Inc., including mergers and subsidiaries.  Best of all, your fellow Delta colleagues manage the Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees, so we’re all part of the same Delta family, looking out for each other!

Have confidence knowing you are getting the best first-class option for premiums as low as $0. It really is that good.  

Our Trust Plan Members enjoy:

  • Access to any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare – no network restrictions
  • Premiums that don’t increase based on age
  • Ability to change your plan enrollment options each year at Annual Enrollment, with no proof of health
  • Same benefits anywhere in the nation, and emergency coverage outside the country
  • Prescription drug plan covering over 99% of drugs used by Delta retirees
  • Extra benefits, like LiveHealth Online telemedicine at no out-of-pocket cost to you, Travel Assistance, SilverSneakers, and a Personal Health Advocate
  • Access to dental plans from Delta Dental, and vision from EyeMed

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