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ITDR Plan and Cost Comparison Tools

Decide which plan is right for you.  Questions? Try these handy tools!

Medical Plan Comparison Tool

Compare the features of the Medicare plan options available to you. You can choose your plans and features, or you can compare them all.

Medical Plan Cost Estimator

Compare your estimated out-of-pocket expenses under each Medicare plan option, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Simply answer questions about yourself and/or your spouse’s potential healthcare needs. Select from a variety of “quick scenarios,” or create your own.  The tool will provide estimates for each plan for the upcoming year —both your monthly premiums, and your estimated out-of-pocket costs — all based on the coverage options and healthcare usage assumptions that you supply.

Prescription Drug Comparison Tools

Check medication prices, see what pharmacies are in-network, and find out what medications are covered.

2023 Prescription Drug Plan

2024 Prescription Drug Plan