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A Crew To Support You After Retirement

The Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees was created to ensure that the entire extended Delta family, including you, always has high-quality health coverage.

Belief in that mission – and in our insurance options – has grown our community of Delta retirees, former employees, spouses, survivors, and former spouses to more than 25,000 members strong.

View a summary of ITDR’s Benefit Program.

Listen to an overview of ITDR’s retiree medical plan options.

If you’re approaching 65, or already there and reviewing options, be sure to consider the exclusive Medicare plans that boast a 98% retention rate. Premiums for our affordable plans don’t increase based on your age, which will make a real difference in the years ahead.

There’s more to keep our members coming back. We have two different plans designed like a Medicare Supplement to fill the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover, including our Enhanced option that has no deductible and no out-of-pocket costs – and isn’t available elsewhere – and three different Medicare Advantage plans. Plus, our plans come with great benefits, including:


Choose any provider who accepts Medicare and the plan, no referral required


Available Vision and dental plans


Plan options with no deductibles or copayments


Medical coverage includes a prescription drug plan

If you have a Health Savings Account, or HSA, you can still put it to use when you sign up for Medicare. While you can no longer contribute money into the account, you can withdraw money from your HSA, tax free, to cover eligible medical expenses. That includes Medicare premiums and premiums for the Insurance Trust’s health plans.

The Insurance Trust cannot provide individual tax advice, and all members are encouraged to consult with their tax advisor.

We invite you to discuss your options with an independent Medicare Enrollment Advocate,
who can answer questions and provide free, unbiased assistance comparing plans.

Call us today: (877) 325-7265, and select option 2, or visit www.ITDR.com.

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For information about plan options and benefits, call 1-877-325-7265, and select Option 2.