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About The Trust

The Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees was created exclusively to provide insurance products and services to all former employees (regardless of length of service), spouse, former spouse, or survivor of an employee of Delta Air Lines, Inc., a Delta Subsidiary, or any entity (and its subsidiaries) acquired by or merged with Delta.

It doesn’t matter if you left Delta yesterday, years ago, or you’re looking ahead to plan your retirement. Through the Insurance Trust, you can purchase affordable Medicare plans that offer comprehensive benefits and open access to physicians and hospitals throughout the U.S.
Our Trust Plan Members Enjoy:

  • A choice of doctors and hospitals with no network limitations
  • Premiums that don’t increase based on age or location
  • Coverage in all 50 states including Puerto Rico
  • Low (if any!) out-of-pocket annual maximums and deductibles
  • Affordable access to dental and vision coverage
  • Foreign travel and emergency care coverage
  • LiveHealth Online real-time telehealth services

Best of all, your fellow Delta colleagues manage the Insurance Trust for Delta Retirees – as volunteers. So we’re all part of the same Delta family, looking out for each other!

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